Disclaimer: While this disclaimer applies to all aspects of my blog, it particularly applies to any article written on the topic of parenting.  In a previous life, I was a professional youth worker and had the opportunity to work with thousands of teenagers and hundreds of parents.  This exposure over a 15 year career coupled with a bachelor's degree in youth ministry allowed me the opportunity to write, speak & counsel both parents and teenagers and share insights into that particular relationship.  Just as being a good coach does not necessarily make one a good player, it is easier to share good parenting advice without necessarily adopting those principles for oneself.  Though I certainly love my children and tried to set a good example as their Dad, I obviously fell way short of being a positive example in every area of my life & former marriage.  In spite of my failures and short-comings, I felt that these articles could be of benefit to some even if I did not consistently live out these principles myself.  With a humble spirit, I place the articles here for others to read, constantly reminded of my parenting failures (past & present) and relying on God's grace in this area.