Rod speaking at a men's retreat in PA.
Rod speaking at a men's retreat in PA.                              

"Your message at the men’s breakfast was awesome.  Very appreciated, very powerful, very authentic."  - Steve M. (Pastor, Irmo, SC)


For 20 + years, Rod has been speaking all over North America to youth, youth leaders, parents, church leaders, schools and various men's groups.   His knowledge of Scripture, sense of humor and ability to engage and challenge audiences with practical application makes him a sought after speaker for all types of venues.

To invite Rod to speak at your next event, email him at rodarters@gmail.com and request his "Speaking Packet."

Rod has spoken at the following types of events:

Retreats * Conferences * Seminars * Sunday Sermons * Sunday School * Youth Group meetings * School assemblies * Chapel * Banquets (sports, graduation, etc) * Commencement speeches * Small groups * Sporting events * Mission trips * Prison ministries * Bible studies, etc.

Besides speaking on the content of his particular blog posts, some of Rod's most requested speaking topics include:

  • The subtle stages of compromise: the story of Lot
  • The impact of sexual sin
  • 4 part series on Jonah
  • Jesus and the sexual sinner
  • The prodigal family; Prodigal Father, Prodigal Brother, Prodigal Son.
  • The masks of men: the various masks men wear
  • The mats of men: how life handicaps keep us from healing and helping